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Branded Prints

Unforgettable keepsakes for your audience at 

no cost to the business!

You have full control over the design and layout of your social media prints. Use your own design team, or take advantage of our in house designers to create prints that match your brand or campaign.









Photo booth marketing

Inkboxx allows users to share their photos via a wide variety of social media options. Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS & Pinterest are all supported. Also upload photos in the background to your own company Facebook page.  

Brand awarness

When users post photos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, this will enable their friends to see the post and see your logo. This exposure goes a long way to get more people aware of your brand.


Collecting valuable marketing data is fun for users and easy to setup. Create any questions you like with our built in surveys. Collect and then export photo booth marketing data into a spreadsheet for easy access or into your favorite CMS for remarketing. Surveys will be completed nearly 100% of the time as the user cannot post or export their photos until the survey is complete. Collect email, Facebook and Twitter usernames, answers to custom survey questions, and more.

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